Top Quality Training

Discover Powered Paragliding specializes in both Foot and Wheel Launch training since 2008. All of our training is done on our private, highly manicured airfield located on our 45 acre farm with custom built hangar specifically tailored to offering the best training experience for our students. We train full time, 7 days a week so we can best accommodate our students schedule. You can do your training all at once in a 7 day block or you can split it up into a few visits, which ever works best for you. With training 7 days a week with multiple USPPA Certified instructors, it allows us to handle more students thru the year so our students can get their training in a reasonable amount of time versus having to wait months on other schools who only do 1 or 2 classes a month.

USPPA Syllabus

Discover Powered Paragliding is proud to a USPPA Certified school with multiple certified instructors on staff who hold several ratings from the USPPA. We offer 1 year free subscription to USPPA to all of our students. During your training we follow a strict guideline provided by USPPA along with our own syllabus to cover additional topics not covered under the USPPA to ensure our students get the best possible training. Upon completion of our training course all of our students either graduate with at least a PPG1 or PPG2 rating. We also encourage our students to continue their education and skill level down the road and offer free refresher courses and will work with them thru their PPG3 rating if they wish to pursue it.

What's Included

The 5-7 day training course fees includes everything to safely complete your training. If you rent gear we offer multiple brands of new gliders and sizes to use, kitting harnesses, tow releases, and safety gear along with the latest in Powered Paragliders. If you Purchase from us or have your own gear and are missing any safety items, we will provide those to ensure your safety during training. Most of our students graduate training with 20+ tow flights on our tow machine without a motor and at least 25 solo motor flights. During training you will also receive ground schooling which includes motor maintenance, weather, airspace, simulator training, and much more.

How Much Does It Cost

Our USPPA Certified training course is $1,600 for the 5-7 day course for either foot or wheel launch training if you purchase your gear from us and train on it. If you wish to rent gear for training or train on your own gear, the complete training course is $2,000 for the 5-7 days of training.