Training with
Gear Purchase


Training with gear purchase is always the best option. This allows you to train on the gear you will be flying, and that your instructor is very familiar with. Training on your gear builds confidence, so when you go home to fly it will come naturally.

Training with
Your Gear


Purchase your gear from someplace else? We can still train you. We'll inspect your gear to make sure it's safe to fly. Although, you may need to send your wing in for inspection. We train on our beginner wings.

Training without
Gear (Rental)


Just looking into the sport and don't want to commit on a purchase until you're sure the sport is for you? We can still train you if that's the case. The base cost for training is still the same, we just add another $400 for gear rental and wear and tear on the gear. If you end up purchasing gear before your training ends, we'll discount your gear purchase the $400 rental fee.