Michael Mixer


I'm Michael Mixer. Lead instructor and Owner of Discover Powered Paragliding — one of the top Training Centers in the U.S.

My love of aviation started when I was 5 years old and my dad would let me taxi his ultralight up and down the runway after he would return from flying on our private airstrip. At 16 years old I started fixed wing training in a Cessna 150. After that I moved over to Fixed wing ultralights and traveled to central Iowa for training.

After flying ultralights for a few years I come across a Powered Paragliding video on YouTube and I was hooked from there. After that all I could dream about was running into the air. A few short weeks later I purchased my first Paramotor and trained with Chris Bowles thru my PPG2 rating.

Almost every day after work and sometimes during lunch break I would go home to fly my ppg. With always being competitive, aerobatics and competitions caught my eye and grew my skill level up to being ranked #2 in the United States and was invited to represent the United States in the World Air Games several times.

With having a young family with two little girls I decided to step back from the competition side of PPG and get into the instruction side. I started training in 2008 with around 10 students my first year. Each year student numbers increased. In 2013 I was able to become a full time certified instructor.

Today we train 100+ students per year with 3 USPPA Certified instructors on staff to handle the demand of students training here on my private 40 acre farm. With a manicured 8 acre training field tailored to PPG and a state of the art, custom built Hangar we strive to offer nothing but the best for our students.

  • Owner of Discover Powered Paragliding
  • USPPA Instructor and Tandem Ratings