The Hanger

In order to make the customer experience the best possible when purchasing a paramotor and training from Discover Powered Paragliding, we built a custom state-of-the-art hanger facility. With a pilots lounge and kitchenette, trainiees have a place to relax and unwind while training. For those camping out, we have a complete wrap around porch and plenty of hook-ups for campers.

The Training Field

Nestled on our private 45 acre farm, Discover Powered Paragliding keeps an 8 acre manicured grass training field. The training field offers a 1,200 foot grass runway, and with its triangular shape, students can always take off and land into the wind.

The Warehouse

Discover Powered Paragliding also offers Paramotor maintenance and repair in our shop year round. We also stock parts for everything we sell so we can keep our students and customers in the air and not on the ground waiting on parts.

Beautiful Scenery

We are surrounded by thousands of acres of flat farm lands, which makes it perfect for PPG training with no obstructions for a new pilots to worry about. We are also only 7 miles away from the Mississippi River and the River Bottoms, which offer some of the best PPG flying in the midwest year round.