Adventure Solo Wings

The Flex-One makes a great free-flight wing too!

The Flex-One was designed with the specific aim of making life easier for a student learning to paraglide. The Flex-One displays the greatest simplicity of our range! The various stages of inflation, often the source of failure during the early years of learning, become a simple formality as the wing can be re-centred by using just the brake!

The Flex-One was developed to be particularly suitable for flying with our trike. The brake travel is long to increase safety in the case of over-steer, but not so much as to keep the flare as precise and efficient as possible.

Once you’ve finished learning to fly, the Flex-One won’t ever let you down. The full reflex profile dampens pitch and roll. In addition, the Flex-One is suitable for free-flight!

With the SMART, we have fulfilled our project to give leisure pilots a paraglider which is nice for paramotoring and which brings together our latest advances in technology to give the highest output and the most pleasure.

A full reflex wing which gives lots of stability and is fully compatible with trike use. An after school wing which is easy to fly, with very good load take up, and which you can use in a smaller size to give improved handling.

Looking for speed? The Flexway 2 is the best possible answer!

Easier to handle, more precise and even more stable in this second version. The rear profile of the Flexway 2 has been made more rigid by including nylon rods and the line plan has been completely reviewed for this. With, in addition, the possibility of accelerating the profile by 10 cm on top of the 20 cm of trim, this is an even more competitive wing.

The competition wing used by Pascal Vallée and Thomas Petit. A wing with only three rows of lines! The profile of a high performance wing (glide ratio 9, aspect ratio 5.95), and an even more pronounced full reflex profile.

The most incredible inflation, an amazing load take up, a high-performance wing profile which has allowed the size of the wings to be reduced to 20m² for pilots weighing 75 kg, 22m² up to 90 kg and 24 m² for the heaviest or solo trikes and with a sturdiness in turbulence which makes it one of the safest high performance wings.

Compare Solo Wings

Flex-one Smart Flexway 2 Flex-Race
39 cells 46 cells 63 cells 59 cells
Aspect ratio 4.7 Aspect ratio 4.9 Aspect ratio 5.65 Aspect ratio 5.95
Glide ratio 7.9 Glide ratio 8.1 Glide ratio 8.7 Glide ratio 9.1
Max speed 32 mph (52 km/h) Max speed 31 mph (50 km/h) Max speed 37 mph (60 km/h) Max speed 40 mph (65 km/h)
15 cm trims 16 cm trims 20 cm trims 10 cm trims
$2,795 $3,195 $3,295 $3,495

Adventure Tandem Wings

Whether foot or trike launching, you’ll be surprised by the Xpresso tandem, the wing which inflates easily and flies safely!

Surprisingly easy inflation: the wing comes up by itself and stabilises above the pilot and passenger. Recentering using the controls is easy. There is no hesitation during inflation, even in nil wind. With amazing stability, it is damped and at one with the aerology.

The lines, the leading edge, the addition of leading edge rods and the installation of the brake fan as well as the arc are the main advantages giving an improvement especially in load take up, climb rate, inflation and the minimum and maximum speeds as well as damping the effect of the motor.

The Bi-Shuttle 2 is DGAC certified in sizes 45m² and 41m² for 450 kg and 380 kg respectively. It’s perfect for heavy loads looking for a better climb rate and it’s easy to fly. The Bi-Shuttle 2 will suit all tandem pilots.

The Flexway tandem is optimal up to 250 kg. Its cruising speed and excellent load take up are the strengths of this high performance tandem.

A wing designed for tandem competitions and for lightweight tandem use for pilots who seek demanding flying. 63 km/h with 250 kg.

Compare Tandem Wings

X-Presso Bi-2 Bi-Shuttle 41/45 Flexway 34
46 cells 46 cells 46 cells
Aspect ratio 4.7 Aspect ratio 4.9 Aspect ratio 5.65
Glide ratio 7.4 Glide ratio 8.7 Glide ratio 8.7
Max speed 31 mph (50 km/h) Max speed 34 mph (55 km/h) Max speed 39 mph (63 km/h)
Max load 485 lbs (220 kg) Max load 837/992 (380/450 kg) Max load 551 lbs (250 kg)
$3,495 $3,795 $3,595