FunFlyer Nano

Want to turn your existing foot-launch setup into a trike? Maybe you have an old knee injury that flares up on occasion, maybe an ankle or hip injury, or maybe you just want the option to wheel launch.

The FunFlyer Nano is the perfect companion to your existing Primus or Pluma paramotor! Quickly and easily turn your foot launch into a wheeled launch paramotor. It's extremely light and breaks down to fit into your vehicle.

FunFlyer Nano Tandem

Have you ever wanted to give someone else a ride on your paramotor, but was afraid your passenger might trip on launch or landing possibly casuing personal injury or damaging your paramotor?

Now you don't have to worry about that! With the new FunFlyer Nano Tandem, you can give passengers a ride without the worry. Convert your existing foot launch into wheeled launch, and away you both go!

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  FunFlyer Nano FunFlyer Nano Tandem
Weight kg 13 17
Compatibility All Primus & Pluma All Primus & Pluma
Price $1,195 $1,995